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Sales clerk

1. Work location: Hang𝐆zhou Yuh☂ang Economic and Technological Development Zone.

2. Salary: negotiable.

3. College degree or above, enjoy sales busജiness, great interpersonal communication skills, good service awareness.

4. Fa༒miliar with ♈sales business workflow, strong professionalism, passion for work, and sales experience in carpet yarn companies are preferred.

Equipment manager

1. Work location: Hangzhou Yuhan♍g Economic and Technologic꧋al Development Zone.

2. Salary: negotiable.

3. College degree or above, major in﷽ mechanical design and manufacturing𒉰, electrical engineering and automation, etc.

4. Experꦺience in large-scale mech🌟anical maintenance and equipment management is preferred.

Reserve management personnel

1. Work location: Hangzhou Yuhang Economic and Tech🔯nological Developm☂ent Zone.

2. Salary: negotiable.

3. Solid writing sk🐷ills, excellent article organization and writing abiꦡlities.

4. Bachelor degree or above, no🉐 major requirement, but prefer major in management.

5. Good at communicatio♚n and coordination, prefer male. 6. Work hard and responsible.

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Address:Wuzhou Road Factory Area
(Headquarters): No. 6, Wuzhou Road, Yuhang Economic and Technological Develജopment
Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
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